How to display a popup with the bin number on a histogram

Dear ROOTers,
suppose that we have a histogram with many bins. I would like by clicking inside the histogram to bring up a small tool-tip window with the bin number at the point of click (or hover), for example to see which is “that bin in the middle with the highest peak” . Is this possible? cheers,

The simplest way to do that is to display the status bar at the bottom of the canvas.
Open it using “View” -> “Event Statusbar” from the canvas menu bar.

Thanks, are you refering to a ROOT canvas or does this apply to a GUI application? I have some TRootEmbeddedCanvas there where I would like to do this trick if applicable (but cannot see anything relavant in the context menu). Otherwise, what are the options?

Ok, I am not the “GUI expert” but I think the macro $ROOTSYS/tutorials/gui/statusBar.C may help you.