How to disable python on v5-34-30

Hi! While i know that this is an ancient version and i’m not supposed to ask about it, i’m a situation where i have to :slight_smile:

so, what is the proper way to disable python bindings on v5-34-30?
we have in the cmake command -Dpyroot=OFF but later during configuration we have:

-- Looking for Python
-- Found PythonInterp: /sw/slc7_x86-64/Python/v3.9.12-local1/bin/python (found version "3.9.12") 
-- Found Python interpreter version 3.9
-- Found PythonLibs: /sw/slc7_x86-64/Python/v3.9.12-local1/lib/ (found version "3.9.12") 


-- Enabled support for:  asimage astiff builtin_afterimage builtin_ftgl builtin_glew builtin_pcre cxx11 cintex exceptions explicitlink genvector http ldap mathmore memstat minuit2 monalisa mysql opengl pythia6 pythia6_nolink python reflex roofit shared soversion ssl thread tmva vdt xft xml x11 xrootd

and then compilation dies with:

/sw/SOURCES/ROOT/v5-34-30-alice10/v5-34-30-alice10/bindings/pyroot/src/TPyROOTApplication.cxx: In static member function 'static Bool_t PyROOT::TPyROOTApplication::CreatePyROOTApplication(Bool_t)':
/sw/SOURCES/ROOT/v5-34-30-alice10/v5-34-30-alice10/bindings/pyroot/src/TPyROOTApplication.cxx:104:48: error: invalid conversion from 'const char*' to 'char*' [-fpermissive]
          char* argi = PyROOT_PyUnicode_AsString( PyList_GET_ITEM( argl, i ) );
gmake[2]: *** [bindings/pyroot/CMakeFiles/PyROOT.dir/src/TPyROOTApplication.cxx.o] Error 1

Does anyone have any idea on this?
Thanks a lot!

I think @etejedor can help you.

You can try with -Dpython=OFF

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yup, that was it! thanks a lot!

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