How to create RooDataSet with TTree which has already added a friend tree?

Dear experts,

I am trying to perform a fit to a sWeighted data while the information of fit variable and sWeight factor are stored in different root files.

Here is what I did.

 TFile *input_root_1 = new TFile(filename);
 TTree *tree1 = (TTree*)input_root_1->Get("DecayTree");
 TFile *input_root_2 = new TFile(sweight_file);
 TTree *tree2 = (TTree*)input_root_2->Get("DecayTree");

  RooDataSet data_sw("data_sw", "ipchi", tree1, RooArgSet(ipchi),0, "sig_sw");

where “ipchi” is the fit variable and “sig_sw” is the weight factor I want to input.

But there is an warning shows “designated weight variable sig_sw not found in set of variables, no weighting will be assigned”

How can I fix it?



@jonas could you have a look here?

Hi @bshi, welcome to the ROOT forum!

You need to create a dummy weight variable explicitly that you are passing to the set of variables in the RooDataSet constructor:

  RooRealVar sig_sw{"sig_sw", "", 1.0};
  RooDataSet data_sw("data_sw", "ipchi", tree1, RooArgSet(ipchi, sig_sw),0, "sig_sw");

However, what you did would work in ROOT 6.28.00 onward, where the weight variable is created implicitly once you pass a weight name :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

Thank you, Jonas.

Sorry for missing two points.

First, my ROOT is 6.18.

Second, I have created a weight variable explicitly.

Here is my more complete code.

TFile *input_root_1 = new TFile(filename);
TTree tree1 = (TTree)input_root_1->Get(“DecayTree”);

TFile *input_root_2 = new TFile(sweight_file);
TTree tree2 = (TTree)input_root_2->Get(“DecayTree”);

Double_t xmin=-6, xmax=9;
RooRealVar ipchi(“TMath::log(D_IPCHI2_OWNPV)”, “ipchi”, xmin, xmax);

RooRealVar* mass_weight = new RooRealVar(“sig_sw”, “sig_sw”, -5, 5);
RooDataSet data_sw(“data_sw”, “ipchi”, tree1, RooArgSet(ipchi),0, “sig_sw”);

With best respect,


Please use newer ROOT versions, there are many bugfixes and improvements :slight_smile:

And, as I said, you have to pass your weight variable also to the RooDataSet constructor:

 RooDataSet data_sw(“data_sw”, “ipchi”, tree1, RooArgSet(ipchi, *mass_weight),0, “sig_sw”);

OK. Thanks for your answer. :smiley:

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