How to convert HDF5 to ROOT

_ROOT Version:6.08
_Platform:Ubuntu 16.10
_Compiler: root c/c++

Is there a software to convert HDF5 file to root file?

I used the software provided in this link:

but I have problem with the HDF5 libraries (required).

Is there someone that know wich kind of library must be installed and how can be installed?
Many thanks in advance for your support,
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Hi Daniele,

it looks like the package is this one
What you can also do is

  1. Dump the content as a CSV using python
  2. Read back the csv and dump it to ROOT using RDataFrame

It seems that RDataFrame provides an easy way to dump columnar datasets in ROOT format via the Snapshot method.


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Ok thank you!

FYI, this was discussed a bit over there:

with the direct link to the hdf5->ROOT converter:

and the reverse:


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