How to convert Hbook/PAW files to ROOT

Use h2root (a program to convert an HBOOK file into a ROOT file)
This program is delivered with the ROOT distribution.

It is invoked via:

h2root hbook_file_name root_file_name  compress tolower

if the second parameter root_file_name is missing the name will be
automatically generated from the hbook file name. Example:

 h2root test.hbook

is identical to

h2root test.hbook test.root
  • if compress is missing (or = 1)the ROOT file will be compressed
  • if compress = 0 the ROOT file will not be compressed.
  • if tolower is missing (or = 1) ntuple column names are converted to lower case
    but the first character is converted to upper case.
  • if tolower = 2 same as tolower=1 except that the first character is also converted to lower case