How to completely silence fitTo?

I currently have a code that needs to do many (millions) of fairly simple fits. fitTo is working well, but it (or MINUIT, I guess) is producing a lot of output to the screen/log file.

I am calling fitTo with the ‘quiet’ and ‘point me to a RooFitResult’ options:

PDFs[idx]->fitTo(*RooDataSets[vx][vy], “qr”)

The ‘r’ is definitely working, but the ‘q’ doesn’t seem to make things any quieter. (Or am I misunderstanding the ‘q’ option?)

I would like to completely silence fitTo if possible. Is there a way to do this?

I noticed I could add:


and this seems to suppress a lot of MINUIT output. There are still quite a few minimization errors printed, which I should probably look into… :blush:

aha. If I additionally call fitTo() with PrintEvalErrors(-1), MINUIT is silenced.

Sorry for the noise :wink: