How to clone TAxis style

Dear all,

I apologize in advance for this silly question but I cannot find a way to copy an axis from one histogram to an other and keeping the style of this axis.
The axis between histograms changed but I want to keep same label, size, offset… (and whatever I forgot…)

Is there a way to do something like this ?

Perhaps give TAxis::Copy a try?

What kind of axis are you talking about ? numerical ? alpha numerical ? TAxis are created from the histogram parameter you give. Typically the X axis is created from the lower and upper limits you defined at creation time and the Y axis from the content of the histogram. May be a sketch of the code you have in mind would help to understand what you want to do exactly.

I believe he wants to copy the style of the axis (font, color, offsets, etc.), not the values or bounds.

Yes it sounds like …

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