How to clear the histograms

is there a way to call all histograms and wipe them all to start afresh?
I was thinking of probably resetting the program so that the entire program is reset and the histograms are started all over.

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I have read it and I am using TH1F and others, but I am not sure how to implement it cos I tried doing if user enters X key then call the method clear but instead it cleared the canvas and made it blank white.

Iam not sure how to read that reference link you sent me.

The link I sent you shows how to reset the content of an histogram.
Is it not what your are looking for ?
May be provide a small piece of code showing what you are doing.


What I want to do is clear the contents of all histograms

So in that case the reference I sent you is correct. if “h” is your histogram you can do: