How reliable is TFile recovery?

I have some ROOT files, each containing an identically formatted TNtupleD. While the data within them seems to be fine, unfortunately, when I try to open these files, I get the error Warning in <TFile::Init>: file filename.root probably not closed, trying to recover .

I understand what this error means (and what I need to do to correct it), however, for future reference, I’m wondering how reliable the data is after recovery? ROOT says Warning in <TFile::Init>: successfully recovered 1 keys.

Without knowing anything further about these files, can I expect that all data has been successfully recovered and is “reliable”?

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You have no idea how big the file should be ? how many events should be in that file ? in that case I am afraid you have no way (I know of) to have an idea of what is missing. May be @pcanal has more ideas about it.