How does one expand log axis limits

I’ve created a TGraph object with data which is best represented when I set the X axis in log scale. So the way I’m trying to control the limits of the displayed graph, is to create an 2D hist, do a ->SetStats(0) on the 2 D hist, then draw it. After which I draw the TGraph object using the ->Draw("*") method which should overlay the data on the graph. Next I go to set the Logx attribute on the graph and some of the data points are then dropped off the graph. The data spans over 3 orders of magnitude and the values less than 1 are not plotted since the minimum X axis value gets truncated at 4 or something like that. When I turn off the log x attribute, the linear x axis plot does who all the data, although about 20 % of the data is bunched up over on the left near zero, (and thus the desire to set the x axis in log scale.)

Is there a way to force the log axis scale to override the default limits?

Do the dropped points have negative (or null) coordinates ?