How do we set drawing options defaults?

Bonjour, let me get on naive questions mode…

I wonder what I have to do in order to have my histograms drawn with specific statistics info, and with the “hist” option, or with any display option for that matter.
I know I can run gStyle->SetOptStat(…) for the former and type “hist” in the object browser for the latter, but I’d like to know if I can pre-pack these options, so that I don’t have to type them over and over each time I start root.

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Hi eleni,

There is no way of specifying “hist” in the object browser as default.

Cheers, Bertrand.

Thanks Bernard, but maybe I wasn’t as clear as it should be.

I don’t necessarily want to put a default into the browser – what I want to do is drawing histograms with some default draw values on, without having to set them manually every single time I run root.
Is there maybe any script that root can be configured to read upon its start? This might be some kind of basic knowledge, but unfortunately I don’t have it and couldn’t find it on the root site within half an hour :slight_smile:

Btw I used to remember that, for some years now, when I drew a histogram, without any other action, it used to get drawn with the “hist” option. Now this is gone and it is really annoying since points with error bars are not what one usually needs to see. Is there some default action that I’m missing? (I’m running 5.27/06b right now.)

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You can put the commands you would like to execute each time you enter root into rootlogon.C

But there is no global setting saying:

“I would like to have the default drawing option for histograms to be XXX”

At least I am not aware of it… So I do not know which mechanism you used in the past. Do you have a example ?

Thank you for the reply,

It’s a pity that there are no global drawing options :slight_smile:
As for rootlogon.C, I haven’t managed to have it run upon the start of root yet, and from what I read this is a standard issue for many users, but it doesn’t matter anymore.

I admit I’m not clear on this, it might have been indeed an issue of settings on a local machine. If it doesn’t ring any bell then it was most probably a very specific case.


just create the rootlogon.C macro in the directory in which you are executing root and it will
be executed at run time.