How do I remove this----- Error in TPostScript::Open: Cannot open file:plots/dm.eps

Even though I get the picture in canvas but these 2 error comes in the terminal:

Error in TPostScript::Open: Cannot open file:plots/dm.eps
Error in <TPostScript::Text>: Cannot open temporary file:

Can you explain a bit more what you are doing ? do you have a macro ?
Does the plots folder exists in your current working directory ?
Do you have the right permission in plots/dm.eps ?

I am running a C program to plot oscillation probability, Yes I do have a macro, I am using .L progname.C and then .x osc.C in the root terminal to run the codes.

There arent’ any plots folders in my directory.
This is the last line of the code:

        else canvas1->SaveAs("plots/dm2.eps");

You should create it. SaveAs is not able to create folders:

$ mkdir plots
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Thank you. This worked.

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