How do I change de size of a canvas/pad automaticly?


I have a canvas with pad’s (3 of them) and I would like to redimension them automaticly …

does anyone know how to do that?



When you change the canvas size (with the mouse for instance), the pads within the canvas will also change sizes automatically . May be that was not what you meant. If not, can you be a bit more explicit ?

I guess you mean you wanna resize your pads on the canvas.

You can resize your pad by:
TCanvas *c = new TCanvas(“c”, “c”, 800, 600);
c->Divide(2, 1);
//resize your pads here
c_1->SetPad(0., 0., 0.88, 1);
c_2->SetPad(0.89, 0, 1, 1 );

Actually I cannot understand what is “automatically” in your message.