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How do draw scale in histogram in version 6?

how do work scale function with draw line in place of histo in root version 6.10 while in root version 5.34 , it’s worked. I have given below command in my code-
h11->Scale(1.2); here 1.2 as a scaling factor.
h11->Draw(“same:l”); in case does not work in 6 version . if h11->Draw (“histo”); then worked in version 6. while in version 5, both worked.
Please give suggestion.

In ROOT 6, the TH1::Scale method automatically executes the TH1::Sumw2 method.

If you want the old ROOT 5 behaviour, try: h11->Scale(1.2, "nosw2");

@couet The “L” drawing option is broken for weighted histograms (in both ROOT versions).

If I do

root [0] hpx->Draw("L")

I get:

It seems fine. Do you have an example showing the problem ?

hpx->Sumw2(kTRUE); hpx->Draw("L");

As usual:

hpx->Sumw2(kTRUE); hpx->Draw("HIST L");

It shouldn’t be considered “usual”.
That’s a bug for me.
Just try "HIST E", which behaves properly (for weighted and unweighted histograms, in ROOT 5 and 6),
So, "HIST L", should also behave the same way (i.e. draw "HIST" and then draw "L").
And "L" alone should always simply “draw a line through the bin contents” (without error bars, because the user explicitly asks for a NONDEFAULT draw option).

Yes you are right. Note we have the same issue for the options “*”, “M” and “C”

thanks ,It’s worked.

thanks, it’s worked.