How can one avoid PDF bookmarks?


Is there a way to prevent ROOT from creating default bookmarks when I dump many histograms in a PDF file? I am not using the “Title:” keyword to create any but it still creates “default” Page 1, Page 2, etc, bookmarks. This is happening in v5.27; it didn’t seem to happen before with v5.22.

The reason to avoid this is because ROOT does not seem to be able to create sub-bookmarks (please correct me if I am wrong), which we need. Therefore, we have to create them outside ROOT. But for this to work, the current script that we have requires no bookmarks in the original pdf file.

Any help is appreciated greatly.


Yes, as soon as there is several pages we have now bookmarks (on per page).
This was implemented on user request. When not specified a default name is used.
There is no way to remove it. The /Title PDF directive is used to do that.