How can I volunteer to improve the documentation?

I have been using ROOT for a while now and many times I’ve found that the documentation often just says “definition at such line”, which is not ideal, specially for people like me who are not expert programmers.

For example, in the documentation for TGraph the constructors should mention at some point “if you are using pyROOT convert your lists to arrays with the array library” that would have saved me a couple of minutes.

Another example also for TGraph is is GetN. Maybe it is obvious to you that it returns the number of points used to make the graph, but it wasn’t obvious to me. Granted, perhaps I’m not very smart, but sadly there are plenty of people like us who need a little extra help.

So I would like to volunteer to improve the documentation. I have absolutely 0 idea of how to go about that (again, not very smart), but I do feel like I can help a little.

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Thank you for your message, apologies if some documentation is not clear enough. We will do our best to improve the cases you mention. Citing @couet as person responsible for the documentation to take care of your request.

Regarding the use of C++ functionality from Python, we are aware of the lack of documentation for some cases like the one you mention. We are planning to completely revamp the PyROOT documentation, incorporating sections in the Doxygen documentation (ROOT reference guide) to explain how to use classes and methods from Python.

On the other hand, we appreciate a lot that you volunteer to help with the documentation. If you want to help with the reference guide (, you can do it by making pull requests to our github repository, e.g. for the TGraph class that you mentioned, its documentation can be found here:

and also together with every method definition.

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thank you very much, and thanks for the chance to contribute

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