How can i resolve this error when installing ROOT

Hello Experts,
when i am installing root, at a step , i am getting these errors, why so ?

i am installing root in workstation that has number of processor 72 so should i install another version of cmake or is it any other problem with this root releases, i am trying to install root_v6.20.08.source.tar
and ubuntu version is 20.04
and cmake version 3.14.0-rc2
Can anyone please help me with this, so i can install root in my workstation easily.
Thanks in advance!

@priyanshu-gif I have a question do you really need ROOT with all possible options -Dall=ON?

For Ubuntu 20 you can easily used precompiled binaries Release 62400 - ROOT
(just unpack it and use directly)

actually for this i am not sure, will its all option not necessary for any type of work or can you please tell me what is the uses of all other possible options ?

no, i want to install it in a proper way but this is the only problem occurring.
actually this same root i install yesterday with no such type of error when i installed in my personal machine having number of processors 8 but in this 72.

First, your system is not Ubuntu 20.04 which has gcc 9.3.0. It could be Ubuntu 18.04 with gcc 7.5.0.

Then, try with: “-Dall=ON -Dcuda=OFF -Dtmva-gpu=OFF

the problem is due to ubuntu version or compiler ? is it so ?

Hello sir,
when i put these commands and after doing
$ cmake --build . – -j72
then it is giving me these errors

Screenshot from 2021-06-04 12-51-28
please suggest me how can i resolve this issue ?
Thanks in advance!

also when i did ccmake .
and then ccg then i am seeing this one
Screenshot from 2021-06-04 13-04-20
please, suggest me something to come out with this problem.

The messages explicitly say that you should inspect the relevant “*-download-*.log” files (you need to find out why the downloading steps failed).

How can i do that, really don’t know.
can you please help me with this ?

These are standard (ascii) text files.

then what should i do in this case, can you please suggest me, it will be very helpful.

when i opened this file

it gives me

It looks like your “/usr/local/bin/cmake” is misbehaving.

Try to download and unpack a binary release from: → Download Latest Release

@Axel Which CMake version are you using now on Ubuntu 18.04 when building “official” binary releases?

actually i installed it when i installed Geant4.

I’m simply using the latest release.

@priyanshu-gif I’d like to better understand your comment

no, i want to install it in a proper way but this is the only problem occurring.

How is downloading a binary “improper”? If you really need 6.20/08 you can find wonderful Ubuntu binaries here: Release 62008 - ROOT

no, i am not downloading binary distribution. i am downloading source distribution.
and when i give command cmake …/root-6.20.08/ -Dall=ON -Dcuda=OFF -Dtmva-gpu=OFF
and then cmake --build . – -j72
then it gives me these errors, i just want to know, why this is happening ?

Screenshot from 2021-06-04 12-51-28

Screenshot from 2021-06-04 13-04-20

and then on seeing the message above i opened those files and found

then in this case how can i resolve this problem ?
is it due to cmake version ?
or is it due to compiler version that comes with the installation of ubuntu 18.3 ?
how to processed with these errors can you please tell me ?
Thanks in advance!

one more thing i want to know that if i have downloaded cmake-3.14.0-rc2 and using this i installed Geant4 software then i am installing ROOT with this cmake version.
now my question is if i download latest release of cmake like cmake-3.19/ 3.20 then in this case, should i have to install Geant4 software again ? this is my main concern actually?

I understand that. I’d like you explain why you need to do that. For the binary you’re done in 5 minutes instead of running into the problems you have.

You should not run into problems with Geant4 after upgrading CMake.

BTW. Download and unpack a CMake binary distribution. If you try to build it from source code yourself, you may again get a “misbehaving” binary (with missing features / “unsupported protocols”).