How can i resolve this error when installing ROOT

yes, i did this in last, but there is less packages compare to installing via source distribution.
so now if i want to add other packages if i need in future then how can i install them (since i have installed ROOT via binary distribution), can you please tell me ?

yes, that is my question, why i am getting this type of behavior this time, because with the same source distribution (same process that i am following this time ) and same cmake version but ubuntu 20.04 , i have installed ROOT 2 times but really i am not getting why this is giving this type of behavior ? really lost :slight_smile:

i am just curious about the reason of this type of behavior.
Thanks a lot !

Thanks. Can you build with a CMake binary downloaded from as suggested by Wile_E?

We cannot tell what’s wrong with your CMake without knowing where you got it from :slight_smile:

i downloaded it like this and installed like below :
Screenshot from 2021-06-04 20-01-49
Screenshot from 2021-06-04 20-02-06

OK, so something went wrong during the configuration of your CMake - you probably didn’t enable http, but we’re not experts on how to build CMake…

Alternatively you could just get CMake binaries, using option “A” here:

okay, thank you. i think i can update or upgrade my cmake version with the latest cmake version without again downloading and installing it. will it work ?

no, there was no error when i installed cmake.

First, uninstall your current binary:

cd cmake-3.14.0-rc2
sudo make uninstall

Then, download and install a binary distribution (for the “Linux x86_64” platform).
Either the “Latest Release (3.20.3)”:

sudo bash --prefix=/usr/local --exclude-subdir

or the “Previous Release (3.19.8)”:

sudo bash --prefix=/usr/local --exclude-subdir

Actually, on Ubuntu, instead of manually installing it, you can use (future updates will then be installed automatically): Kitware’s Ubuntu packages

What I meant to say: when you configured cmake you ended up disabling http / https - probably involuntarily so, but it shows that you really want to just take the CMake binary - e.g. as Wile_E proposes!

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