How can I open a root file in a Mac application

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_ROOT Version:6.22/06
_Platform:macOS Big Sur V 11.2.3
_Compiler:macOS Big Sur V 11.2.3

I have installed ROOT Version:6.22/06 on macOS Big Sur V 11.2.3 and can run ROOT macros fine in command mode. In particular, I can open root files and browse them perfectly with commands like this:
root -l data15_13TeV.00276689.physics_Main.merge.HIST.f1091_h344._0001.1
TBrowser b
The file is stored in a Mac directory. My question is, how can I open this file and browse it simply clicking on its icon? When I do so, it asks for an application, so my question is how can I transform the downloaded binary ROOT to such an application?

I googled “how to make an executable a Mac app” and found somethings (did not try though)

Could you direct me to what you have found, b/c when I look at the propositions to “how to make an executable a Mac app” it seems to me that this hasn’t been yet done for MacOS.

for instance:

Note: I did not try and have no idea if it will work or not.

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