How can I export the ascii data from a profile histograms

I have a question, whether there is a method that I can use to export the ascii from a profileX of a histogram.I appreciated you can help me to find a way out. Thank you very much.
best wishes
export.C (1.84 KB)
profx of electron.root (16.4 KB)

The example you posted does not work ?

yes, but I do not know how to modify the code, do you know what’s the problem? Thank you very much.

What comment do you type to execute export.C ?

This is a macro file in Go4, it is used to export the ascii data from a histogram,but it does not work on profileX or profile Y. Whether you know another method to export the data? Thanks

What error do you get ?

the difference is shown from the two photographies!

It seems you need to contact the Go4 team.

Thanks very much for all your help! :slight_smile: