Histogram with no vertical lines

I know there is option “][” for not drawing vertical lines on edges of histogram. How can I do that for all the bins? Option Draw(“E SAME”) almost does the job, but when I do for all bins SetBinError(ibin,0.) to supress vertical error bar, I am loosing also the horizontal one.

Note that explanations for a lot functions at root.cern.ch/root/html/TH1.html are missing. Generaly speaking root documentation is not sufficient.

I found one stupid solution in a meanwhile. Istead of SetBinError(ibin,0.) one can use SetBinError(ibin,0.000001) such that errorbar is there but not visible. Then it works. Not that I am working in ptRoot environment as I need to work also with strings. It can work properly in pure root environment. Figure can found in the attachment (is not nice but the effect is there.)
StatSummary_0.eps (9.78 KB)

Yes you need to see the horizontal bars only. What you are doing is fine.