Histogram names

I need to generate N histograms “K”, that in principle should have the same name. However I know that I should attach, for example, a numeral m, from 0 to N-1, to the name of this histogram, so that the histograms do not confused in Root.
I need to to save the N histograms in N files, so that the mth histogram corresponds to the mth file. However, I require that in file m histogram “K” has the same name as histogram “K” in file n. What is the line of action?

And the problem in reverse. I open N histograms “K” from N files, and each histogram “K” has the same name in each file. How should I tread the names of histograms “K” so that they don´t get confused in Root.

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Yes that should not be a problem. You can make histograms h1, h2, h3,… hn and put them in file f1.root, f2.root, f3.root,…fn.root.
Surely having histograms with the same names does not ease their manipulation within the same ROOT session.
You are right wanting to make them with different names.
Note that if they have different name you can pout them in the same file.

What else can I say ? … just try ? … :slight_smile:

I hope it helps… :unamused:

Hello couet,
I think you did no understand my question. I want histogram h1 to be saved in file f1 with the same name as histogram h2 in file f2. Should I change the name of histogram h1 and histogram h2 to the desired name directly before saving them in a root file? Would that not cause problems?

Yes you can do that. It all depends what you want to do after with these files/histograms.
May be you should explain what is your final goal.

They would be summed in a different session.

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