Histogram in RDataFrame is not drawn


I am trying to do the simplest thing ever - read the histogram from an ntuple and simply draw it with RDataFrame.
I am using this code:

using namespace ROOT;

void test(){
 RDataFrame df("Events", "tree_1.root");
 auto hist = df.Histo1D("Muon_pt");

I thought that maybe it is because of absent TCanvas, but I also tried it that way - still does not work. The script goes through without errors, but there is no output. I am using simply root -l test.cpp command.
I tried with ROOT 6.24/06 and 6.24/08.

Could you please help me to figure out what’s wrong? Thank you!!

may be:



Unfortunately, still does not work.
Here is the link to the ntuple, may be it will be helpful to recreate the problem:

Dear @beg1nner ,

I can see the histogram with DrawClone


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