Histogram bin shifting

Dear experts,

I had a fixed Landau distribution using below TH1D options,
TH1D * hist = new TH1D(“hist_landau”,“Landau time distribution”, 45, 0, 90);
the unit of 1 bin is 2 ns.

And, i want to make 21 similar histograms which shifting the x-axis by +0.1 ns unit.
I can shift +1 bin unit, but i don’t have any idea about 0.1 unit.

Is there any example or idea?
[Acutally, I don’t know what method or function made this Landau distribution.]

Thank you very much.


ROOT Version: 6.10.02
Platform: osX 10.14.1
Compiler: Not Provided

I am not sure what you mean by shifting.
Do you mean changing the limits of the X axis ?

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