Help with static variables in class

Hi, I am not sure if this is the right forum If this isn’t I apologize in advance. But I was having some trouble with cling when it comes to using classes and static variables. look at the following example

class Animal{
        int height;
        int weight;
        string name;
        // Static variables are variables that are shared by all the objects of a class.
        static int numOfAnimals;
        // static int numOfAnimals;
        int getHeight(){ return height; }
        int getWeight(){ return weight; }
        string getName(){ return name; }
        void setHeight(int cm){ 
            height = cm;
        void setWeight(int kg){ 
            weight = kg;
        void setName(string animalName){ 
            name = animalName;
        void setAll(int, int, string);
        Animal(int, int, string);
        static int getNumOfAnimals(){ return numOfAnimals; }
        void toString();
int Animal::numOfAnimals = 0;
e[1minput_line_15:2:14: e[0me[0;1;31merror: e[0me[1mdefinition or redeclaration of 'numOfAnimals' not allowed inside a
 int Animal::numOfAnimals = 0;
e[0;1;32m     ~~~~~~~~^

Interpreter Error:

Please move this declaration into a header that you then #include, or issue a .rawInput directive before and after these declarations.

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Thanks, this worked :slight_smile: Can you just briefly explain to me what does .rawInput does? And Is there a place where I can find some documentation on all the features in Cling, I am just starting out on it. Thanks a lot again.

We are currently re-working our documentation pages for ROOT; @couet could you consider looking at including cling info in the new doc?

Yes sure. That’s in the plans.

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