Help beginner in finding doc

Very long time PAW user, I am switching to ROOT.
Using version 5.32/04 under Fedora 17 64 bits, I did this (note, right after starting ROOT):
root [0] TNtuple tgc(“tgc”,“TGC Raw Data”,“ev:chan:A:B”)
root [1] tgc.ReadFile(“tgc.dat”)
root [2] tgc->Draw(“chan”,"(0.01A)(ev<=100)")
Info in TCanvas::MakeDefCanvas: created default TCanvas with name c1
root [3] tgc->Draw(“chan”,"(0.01B)(ev<=100)",“same”)
root [4] cout<<“The title is chan{(0.01A)(ev<=100)}”<<endl
The title is chan{(0.01A)(ev<=100)}
(class ostream)213646313408
root [5]

Would a good soul be kind enough to tell me how to change the histogram title above by image editing and how to discover the command?
Accessorily I wrongly assumed that (0.01A) before the condition would weight by dividing A by 100, but I see this as MY problem at this time.

Thanks - Jacques

Here you can find that TH1 as a SetTitle method. And there … ree:Draw@1 you can find that the histogram created after a Draw() of a ntuple is “htemp”.
So after the first Draw do:

htemp->SetTitle(“my title”);

I am now translating a “ROOT Primer” document for Latex to DocBook in order to make it available on the ROOT website.