Height of the fitted curve at a point

Dear rooters,

I am trying to get the value of a fit (RooFFTConvPDF) after the fit, i.e., the height of the fit
at a certain point.
For e.g., please refer the attached plot, I want to find the number of events
from green fit at x = 90 GeV.

If I use getVal, I get normalized value.

How can I get hte exact number of fitted events from green curve at that point?

Thanks for the help,
sigmoidbkgpassbarrelhighrr9.pdf (32.4 KB)


The RooPdf gets normalised to th observed data when you plot it. So, the simplest way to get the height of the curve is to use the RooCurve object obtained from RooPlot.
use the function RooPlot::getObject(index) to get the RooCurve and then you can get its value by calling RooCurve::Eval(x), since the RooCurve is just a ROOT Graph



Thanks a lot, Lorenzo. I shall try with that.

Best regards,