Header files for GEANT4 application

Hello, I am running GEANT4 with root and am having some issues resolving an error. I have specified the path of the root library for GEANT4 but I am getting the following errors when I make my sim:

fatal error: TString.h: No such file or directory
11 | #include “TString.h”

I have read up on this error and I believe that Cmake cannot find the header files for root.

This is the root portion of my CMakeLists.txt file:

#Set up ROOT
find_package(ROOT REQUIRED)

#If we found ROOT, add a compile definition (i.e. -DG4ANALYSIS_USE_ROOT
#this will enable compilation the lines between the #ifdef/#endif

The include directories line was code I have added to try and resolve this issue. I have also tried using the add_library() method within CMake and several other methods listed in their documentation.

Can any of you offer any advice on solving this issue?

To be able to access the ROOT include files it is in principle enough to “source” the file “thisroot.sh” in the bin directory where the root module sits.
May be GEANT 4 people can also help ?