Have two weights when using RooUnfold Package

I would like to use RooUnfold package to do the unfolding.
now I have generated variables and reconstructed variables. For generated variables, the weight is A=(xs weight * pileup weight), while for reconstructed variables, the weight is B=(xs weight * pileup weight * trigger efficiency scale factors).

And I would like to use the following way to do unfolding ,

RooUnfoldResponse (const TH1 *measured, const TH1 *truth, const TH2 *response, const char *name=0, const char *title=0)

which is “constructing using a 2D response histogram (TH2D) and 1D truth and measured projections”

So which weight should I apply when I fill the TH2D ? Which weight should I apply to the generated TH1D and reconstructed TH1D?


RooUnfold is not part of ROOT. I am sorry I am not expert enough on this to help you,. I would suggest you to contact directly the RooUnfold author
Best regards

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