Hatch style in pdf

Dear Rooters,

This is probably a postscript/pdf question, but I’ll try anyway.
I produce histograms with hatched style and save them as eps. Then I convert the eps file to pdf with ‘epstopdf’.

The problem is that in the pdf the hatch style is hardly visible. It is rendered as light gray. It is not only a problem in the viewer (acroread) , but also on the printed page. The original eps is ok (printed, and onscreen as long as antialias is switched off in ghostview). Attached is a small macro which produces hatched histograms and saves them as eps file. Do others see the same behaviour? Is there some special switch which could enhance the produced postscript?
(I think the problem is already in the ps code, because the same problem appears when the eps is convert to jpg, png,…)


[Using root from CVS (yesterday), ghostscript 6.52 on RedHat 7.3]
histo.C (408 Bytes)

I have tried your macro. As you said the eps file is fine when you print it and, if visualized with no anti-alisiasing, it is also fine in gv. It is know that gv’s anti-aliasing doesn’t work very well. I have then generated the pdf file with epstopdf. I visusalized it with gv (gv understand pdf also) and it looks the same as the eps file ie: grey with anti-aliasing and fine without. Then I visualized it with acroread. I agree that on the screen the patterns are light grey, but when printed (from acroread) it is fine again.