Hanging TBrowser/Failure to open TBrowser or DrawFunction with Xming and XLaunch

I’m trying to open a TBrowser or use the function.Draw() command in ROOT and I continue to get either the following error:

No protocol specified
Error in <TGClient: :TGClient>: can’t open display “”, switching to batch mode…
In case you run from a remote ssh session, reconnect with ssh -Y
Info in <TCanvas: :MakeDefCanvas>: created default TCanvas with name c1

Or the request simply hangs at opening the TBrowser and doesn’t allow me to quit ROOT or type any other command, forcing me to completely close the terminal and restart.

If I try to just open a TBrowser after entering ROOT, I get the following:

Warning in <TBrowser: :TBrowser>: The ROOT browser cannot run in batch mode
(TBrowser &) Name: Browser Title: ROOT Object Browser

I have Xming and XLaunch running, and was not having this issue in the past. I am not opening ROOT with root -b so it should not be opening in batch mode.

Does anyone know what may be causing these errors? I am not sure why the XLaunch and Xming are no longer working. For reference, I have kept their settings as all of the pre-set settings (multiple windows, display number 0, no client, clipboard).

Note: The spaces in between the colons in the error messages were added in order to avoiding linking.

ROOT Version: Most Recent
Platform: Windows

Welcomw to the ROOT forum ?

You mean TCanvas I guess ?
If you are using ROOT remotely, use the -Y option when connecting to the remote machine with ssh, like this: ssh -Y <user>@<hostname>.

That still doesn’t work. It just closes my connection and says that it closes the port if I try to ssh with -Y. I believe the issue is still with the graphics.

ssh -Y or ssh -X -Y is the way to connect in order to get the remote grapics via X11. Can you display an xterm or an xclock ?

I also cannot do that. I’ve been using xeyes to test whether I can open another window and it also doesn’t work.

What is the local machine ? what is the remote machine ?

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