Hadd binary. Issue when adding histograms with buffer


If two files with histograms, which have a certain buffer, are added using hadd binary, the resulting output contains the histograms summed, but the buffer is now empty. Is this normal?

The issue can be reproduced following this:
a) Create a file with a histogram whose buffer size is larger than zero, ie

auto f= new TFile("dummy.root","update")
auto h = new TH1D("h","",10,0,0)
for(int i =0; i<100; ++i) h->Fill(1.2345);

b) Add twice this file using hadd binary
hadd out.root dummy.root dummy.root

The output file contains a histogram, but its buffer is empty, and a certain range (bin width) is automatically set although the original histograms do not have a set range.

Thank you in advance.


ROOT Version: 6.06
Platform: CC7
Compiler: g++4.8

I guess @pcanal can answer you.

@moneta Is that the intent?

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