H2root with AMD X2


I’m using v5.13.04 compiled from source on a AMD 64 X2 running Fedora Core 6.
I enabled cernlib during compilation time.

I have some ntuples which I can read with paw++ (FC6 comes with cernlibs in repositories) . When I try to convert them into ROOT, I got the error message below. Notice that if I convert the ntuples into root using my laptop (32 bit version), I can then read that root file on my 64 bit workstation.
But there’s too much data to use my laptop all the times - I really would like to use the workstation instead. Am I doomed? Thanks for any help.

LOCB/LOCF: address 0x304fb0f9a0 exceeds the 32 bit address space
or is not in the data segments
This may result in program crash or incorrect results
Therefore we will stop here


So you are building h2root yourself ? right ?
Do you know which HBOOK library you are using ?
It seems that you are using a 32 bits version whereas you need a 64 bits one.

We can provide you a 64 bit version. But it is not directly available on the web.
Do you have access to the CERN afs ?

Hi Olivier,

thanks for answering.
Yes I am compiling h2root (let me know if you need my “configure” command)

The cernlib libraries I’m using are:
cernlib.x86_64 2005-26.fc6

That looks pretty recent to me, and 64 bits.

Is it possible that the h2root stops because the ntuples are created using 32 bit version of hbook, whereas I’m using the 64 version? But on the other hand, I can use my 64 bits paw on those ntuples.

thanks again for your help,

You can try the libpacklib_noshift.a from:


I do not have access to any cern pc. Where else can I get those lib?


There is a Linux 64-bit gcc 3.4 version of libpacklib.a which might work on your system. You can download it from

cern.ch/cernlib > Downloads >
PC Linux Cern slc4_amd64_gcc34(Cernlib 2005) > (, compressed tar files “OR” libraries,)

If it does not work, please send details of the compilers on your system to "Heplib.Support@cern.ch".