H2root problem

Hi dear root experts,
I want to convert Paw hbook file to Root file in linux ubuntu 12.04 LTS operating system.

My Root version is 5.32/04.

When compiling the following command:

h2root test.hbook test.root
I get this error:

make: h2root: Command not found make: *** [t] Error 127

If don’t mind please help me.

Best regards,


It is possible that you don’t have h2root built. Do you have gfortran installed? If not, install it and build your ROOT from scratch again.

It should be in:


thank you so much.
I installed gfortran, but I don’t understand this phrase:" build your ROOT from scratch again"

And how did you get your ROOT version in the first place?

Rebuild root
make distclean

I have installed ROOT from source.

Missing Canvas

excuse me, what should i do?

do you mean that i should install another ROOT?

First, “make uninstall” the version that you have now. Then, build it again, starting with a “fresh” source code (e.g. “make maintainer-clean”).

which version of ROOT do you suggest for my system?

I would take the the newest ROOT v5-34-xx.
If you have gcc 4.[789].x, you can also try the newest ROOT v6-02-xx.
(Note: you can have multiple ROOT versions installed simultaneously.)

I installed the version 5.34/28 of ROOT and finally found the h2root.exe in $ROOTSYS/bin directory.
My h2root problem solved.
Thank you for all help to me.

Hi i have .hbk files and want to convert them to .root files. when i use h2root command then i get the root file but the number of entries get zero. .hbk file size is 623K but the root file size is 13k . My root version is 6.06/02.
and i am using ubuntu 14.04 lts. Please help


Attach / put somewhere your hbook file for inspection.

can you provide the faulty hbook file ?