H2root conversion failed with error

Dear root-team,

in the framework of the KADCADE Cosmic Ray Data Centre (KCDC) I got a hbook File long toime ago from a very old experiment (MaketAni) to publish via the KCDC DataShop.
Unfortunately this hbook File is the only data sample I have, but I cannot convert it to root.
The error message:

TFile*         /cr/kascade-kcdc/ANI/maket-lhest-045.root       HBOOK file: /cr/kascade-kcdc/ANI/maket-lhest-045.hbook converted to ROOT
RZIODO. Error at record =15629 LUN =  1003 IOSTAT =    -1
Bad sequence for RZHRIN          10

My question:

is there a way to tell h2root to convert up to a certain record and/or to convert from a certain record onwards?
I have no idea how many records are in this file.

I have tried with ROOT 5 and ROOT 6
Platform is Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS

I was in contact with Oliver Couvet, he already downloaded the corrupted hbook file to one of your severs.

cheers Juergen

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Hi Jürgen,

Thanks for your message on the forum. I tried several things to convert your hbook file… without success. It seems really corrupted.


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