GUI interfaces of ROOT with high resolution display (HiDPI)

Hi, I’m using 4k display and I’m using ROOT both in Windows 10 via Xming and Fedora 30 Linux.
When I’m using ROOT in Windows 10, it looks OK, but in Linux, fonts are too small to see. So I changed size of fonts by changing default font sizes using .rootrc. However, still, it looks not so good.

You may see the difference between two environments and I think everybody will agree that Windows 10 provides a better working condition. (I’m using HiDPI scaling option (200 %)in Windows 10 ) Even though there is some blurring of some characters.

What should I do to for equivalent working condition in Linux?

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I’m afraid there is not much more you can do than setting the font size. Maybe there is something to do in the Fedora settings, but I can’t really help there…

Try to add to your “.rootrc”: X11.UseXft: yes

OK, I think the best solution so far is just using 1920x1080 resolution in Linux. I think there are some tricks in Xming that displaying scaled-up image in Windows when the system setting is adjusted for high resolution display.

I hope some day ROOT supports HiDPI.

Thanks for your reply.

Thanks for your comment and sorry for late reply. But I’m already using Xft :frowning:

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