gStyle->SetStatBorderSize is not really a "border&qu

Hello all,
Does anyone have advice about how to set ALL stat boxes (in ALL histograms) to a border size of “2” in one line of code?

Long ways I could do it:
I know that for each histogram I could make a stat box object, and change the border to 2, or I can even do it in the GUI…

Way I wish worked:
gStyle->SetStatBorderSize(2); But this fails to set the border! It instead makes a SHADOW of width “2”.

I’m trying to get my beautiful-plot-making time more efficient… any advice?

Yes gStyle->SetStatBorderSize(2); changes the shade width. You can drop all the lines using “0” but the is not global way to change the line with (is that what you want ?) of the lines build the box stat. You can change it individually using SetLineWidth on a given stat box.

Ok! Thanks for the response! :confused: