gStyle->SetErrorX(0) in TGraphAsymmErrors

According to TGraphPainter.html, gStyle->SetErrorX(0) removes drawing of errors along x.
I can get it to work on histograms, but not on graphs with error bars.
See for instance:

TH1D tots("tots","tots",2,0,2);
TH1D pass("pass","pass",2,0,2);
double* w = 0;
double t[] = {0,0,0,0,1,1,1};
double p[] = {0,0,0,1};
TGraphAsymmErrors a(&pass,&tots,"cp");
pass.Draw("em");  // <-- x-errors absent
a.Draw("apz");    // <-- x-errors present

This is valid for TGraph … If you using TGraphAsymErrors Errors it is assume you want to see the errors as you spent time to define them …

Well, it’s common practice to use asymmetric errors only in Y. For instance, you don’t care about X errors when using TGraphAsymmErrors::Divide to get efficiencies with binomial errors from two TH1s.

Could you please consider extending the validity of gStyle->SetErrorX(0) from TGraph to TGraphAsymmErrors in a future release?

In that case make your errors along X equal to 0 when you create the TGraphAsymmError.

I see. To avoid X errors in an efficiency plot from TGraphAsymmErrors::Divide, loop point by point calling SetPointEXlow(i,0) and SetPointEXhigh(i,0). Not elegant, but a solution after all.