gSize3D ROOT 4.00 / ROOT 4.02

HI all ,
i have a problem with code using the gSize3D object
the code can compile and run when using root v.400 but it can’t when using root 4.02

Here is a short example of problematic code

#include <TObject.h>
#include <TMath.h>
#include <TView.h>
#include <TPolyLine3D.h>

using namespace std ;

int main(void) {

  Int_t  number;
 gSize3D.numPoints += number;


When i compile this code using ROOT v4.02 i’ve got the following error message

i dont get this message with ROOT 4.00

do you have an idea about the cause of the problem ?


Why do you need gSize3D ? this is an internal variable you should not use.