Grid disappearing when drawing TGraphErrors with reversed X axis

ROOT Version: 6.26/08
Built for macosxarm64 (Apple silicon Mac with MacOS 12.6.1)
Clang 14.0.0


Whenever I try to draw TGraphErrors with reversed X axis, the grids in TCanvas disappears just like this plot.

I tried using both canvas->SetGrid(1, 1); and gPad->SetGrid(1, 1); but it didn’t helped.

Here’s example of what I’m doing in the code.


TCanvas* c = new TCanvas("c", "c", 800, 600);
// c->SetGrid(1, 1);       // I tried setting grid here also
~~~ Set points for graph ~~~

TGraphErrors* graph = new TGraphErrors(~~~);
c->cd(); gPad->SetGrid(1, 1); // or c->SetGrid(1, 1);
graph->Draw("AP RX");
// c->SetGrid(1, 1);     // I also tried setting grid here


I also draw other plots with TGraph and non-reversed Xaxis on other TCanvas in same code, but that plot’s grid is shown properly.

Does anyone know why it’s happening, and how to solve them?


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