Greek letter rendering


I’m not sure this is a RooT problem, but I can try to ask whether anyone else has seen it or knows what it might be related to.

I need to use a few letters, e.g. #Delta, and I save the plot they are in as pdf. When I then open this in a pdf viewer (I tried evince and okular), several of the greek letters (I attach an example with a letter table) are rendered as different characters. When I save as png, everything is fine. When I open (not create) the same pdf file on an lxplus machine, the letters are also rendered fine.

I attach: plots.tar (102 KB)

  • greek.pdf, the original pdf.
  • greek.png, the original png.
  • greekScreenshot.pdf, a screenshot of the pdf opened on my machine.

I was thinking this might be related to some font on my machine. I found some hints online it might be dejavu related online, so I tried reinstalling (the same and different versions) of that, but I couldn’t solve the problem.

Any suggestions about how to fix this are welcome.

Your pdf file is fine with “Preview” on Mac and with adobe reader (which is the reference).
The previewers you are using should have bugs.