Graphviz support in the ROOT configure script

I’d like to propose that, in the “configure” script, the 1 (one) line:

$GVIZ ${GVIZ:+$GVIZ/include} \

is changed into:

$GVIZ ${GVIZ:+$GVIZ/include/graphviz} ${GVIZ:+$GVIZ/include} \

and all lines (5 / five or 6 / six):

$GVIZ ${GVIZ:+$GVIZ/lib} ${GVIZ:+$GVIZ/.libs} \

are changed into:

$GVIZ ${GVIZ:+$GVIZ/lib/graphviz} ${GVIZ:+$GVIZ/lib} ${GVIZ:+$GVIZ/.libs} \

(I assume the reasons for these changes are pretty obvious and need no special explanation.)

Does anybody care?

I think that’s more for Fons

Hi Pepe,

I’ve made the change in the trunk at r42936.

Cheers, Fons.