graphViz files produced by RooFit don't work in "dot"

Taking a model made by HistFactory, grabbing the top level pdf (simPdf), and then calling “graphVizTree” generated a .dot file which was mostly correct. However, to use the “dot” tool - which is availible all over the place (including on lxplus @ CERN) I had to edit the file first.


digraph simPdf{ "simPdf" [ color=red, label="RooSimultaneous simPdf"]; "model_twomu" [ color=red, label="RooProdPdf model_twomu"]; "lumiConstraint" [ color=red, label="RooGaussian lumiConstraint"];

Note the line break after “RooSimultaneous”, etc. I had to remove those line breaks in order to get this to work in the dot tool. If this could be fixed that would be great! :slight_smile:

Cheers, Gordon.