Graphical cut invisible lines

I need your help. When I use Graphical cut with toolbar, I can’t draw it, i.e. I don’t see a Cut’s lines on the screen. Then I noticed that it lines hiding behind histogram and I can’t see them. Here is screenshot
thank you

I do not see this problem. Do you have a reproducer ? may be the problem occurs because of the plot on which you are drawing the cut. I tried on a simple 2D histogram and it is ok for me. On which root version have you this problem ? on which machine ?

Ubuntu 14., Root 6.18.04. I tried it where canvas with one histogram, and there was no problem. But when I use cut on 2 histograms or more, there I don’t see the lines, only between histograms I can see cut lines.

Yes with two Pads I see the issue. Can you fill a Jira report ?

Sorry, but how can I fill a Jira report?

Good you managed to do it :wink: Thanks.

This is now fixed in the ROOT master.
Thanks to have seen it.

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