Graph-viewing problem with pdf format

Hi all,
First of all, I wanna say I am not pretty sure my problem is concerned about root or my pdf viewer, so if you think it is not about root. please disregard it.

I use can->Print(“afile.eps”) to get an eps file of a canvas, it has no problem. Then I try to convert this eps file to pdf file (by the command epstopdf ) so that i can insert it in my pdflatex presentation. However, when I open it by xpdf (version 3.00), xpdf crashed and I was told that “Segmentation fault”. Not all graphs I created using the same method have such a problem. I attached 2 files: eps file and pdf file here.

P.S. Due to my experience I cannot directly use pdf file created by root in my pdflatex presentation (I am using beamer). So I have to eps->pdf->insert…
Linux and root version:
root: v4_04_02b_fbits_trefarray4_eh-GCC_3_4_3–opt
test.tar (100 KB)

Why don’t you generate directly the PDF file with ROOT ? just do:


btw, ROOT5 allows you to browse(look at) produced PDF/PS files with ROOT Browser

[quote]Why don’t you generate directly the PDF file with ROOT ? just do:

As I said above, I could use the way to create a pdf file, but this pdf file cannot pass the compilation of pdflatex. I am wondering that a pdf file created by root is not standard format.

Error: pdflatex (file ./figs/test.pdf): pdf inclusion: invalid font in referenc
e type
==> Fatal error occurred, the output PDF file is not finished!

Sorry I did not see the “PS” you wrote.
I am aware that the latest pdflatex does not like ROOT pdf file. I do not know why yet.
I will investigate.

With the CVS head the pdf files generated by ROOT can be included directly in pdflatex documents. No need to translate eps to pdf anymore.