Getting mouse event type inside an AddExec() function

I’m trying to make use of mouse events in my root .C macro. I want to key an action specifically on a mouse click event. Typically you add a call back function, which in this case you do with the AddExec() TCanvas member function. In the call back routine, I want to query what mouse event lead to the execution of the call back. What function do I call which would return the mouse event type?

May be this example can help:

Thanks Couet. GetEvent() returns a 1 for a mouse click and an 11 for a mouse click release. It returns a 51 for a mouse move. I guess I could look through the code to see what the mouse events codes are, but for what I need to do, I can execute the code I want to execute on event type 1 or 11. Appreciate your reply, you saved me a lot of time rummaging through the tutorials.

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