Getting data from scopes

Dear all,

I would like to know if one can get data from scopes using C++ (Tektronic: TLS216 for instance)? I would like to integrate this procedure inside a root code for data analysis …

Thanks a lot for your help.

You can include any C++ source code is root.

Thanks for your reply. Does anyone has ever done it ? I may not look properly, but I can’t find anywhere an example showing how to get data from scopes using c++ …

I am not sure to know what “scopes” is. Do you have some references ? a web site ?
Sorry for my ignorance.

My bad, I am talking about reading data from oscilloscopes. For instance this one:

Oh sorry ! … directly from a scope … a device … I do not think you will find the answer to this question here. You better go to a dedicated forum.

Ok, I was just asking because some users must have already tried this …
Thanks !

May be @linev may have some hints.

Hi @bg92

You can try to use THttpServer class - see
It allows to access data from remotely running ROOT application and display them in any web browser, using JSROOT. But also one can directly access any data just by mean of http protocol.

In your case you have to get proper ROOT version for your oscilloscope (most probably, for Windows) and write C++ script which will run in batch mode.