Getting counts for pdf components in sub range of x

Hi Experts,
I am looking for a correct way to get the event counts for pdf components in subrange of x.
In the running example, you can see red, green and blue (dashed) component curves. I want to get the events counts (not fractions) for each in 11 < x < 13 units. For e.g. if solid blue curve has N events (in 11<x<13) then what is the contribution of components in the same range.
fitExample3.C (1.7 KB)

Here is the script modified to get the counts. I have also fixed an issue with the parameter definition. NSig should not be an independent parameter but the resulting of the addition of nSig1 and nSig2.

fitExample3.C (2.4 KB)


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Thanks @moneta
It works very well. This is what I was looking for.
Actually, I am fitting labeled data using RooSimultaneous and the actual model description is here
model.C (2.5 KB)
This is just a snippet. Here, I want to integrate pdfs FBx_FF and RxFF_comp in sub range of X.
createIntegral(*X,*X,Range("myrange")) works well for FBx_FF but for RxComp_FF it is not working. Similarly it works for Msig_FF but not for Mbkg_FF. I don’t see any reason for such behaviour , it should work for all the components in the same way.

What do you mean is not working, is it giving a computation/evaluation error or a configuration error?

If X sub interval myrange is varied, integral value is always 1 which should be less than 1. It seems that createIntegral() is not accepting myrange.

I would need a running code showing the problem. Also in the model you have put above to is not clear which are the function you want to integrate.

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