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Getting a single ROC curve for multiple BDT trees

Dear members,
I would like to get a single ROC curve which compares different number of trees . Look at the attached image for example. What modifications should i do in the TMVA CLASSIFICATION.C file to get this type of roc curve. Is there any other specific way to get ROC curves like i had mentioned


Thank you

May be @moneta has an idea.

@moneta Kindly help me with this

Let me understand this better, would you like to get a single plot where you have multiple ROC curve made with BDT varying the number of trees used, like in the image above ?
This is easy, you need to book in the macro like TMVAClassification.C different BDT method, each giving a different name, where you use as parameter different number of trees.
If it is not clear I can provide you an example



@moneta sir. You have exactly understood my point. I need the same output which you have mentioned. Let me make it more clear . I need ROC curves for different number of trees, but the same BDT method. Not for different types of BDT methods like gradient boost, adaptive boost etc. Kindly give me an example as you have mentioned (with code) so that it helps me. Thank you

Here is a macro similar to TMVAClassification.C, that trains a set of different BDT with a number of trees.
It will open a TMVAGUI at the end and by clicking on the (5b) button, you will get the ROC curve plot.



TMVAClassificationBDT.C (10.7 KB)

Thank you @moneta sir. I couldn’t find this file in tutorials folder. If any repository exists kindly send the link for that repository. Thank you

There is a file attached to the previous post, TMVAClassificationBDT.C.
Can you download it ?

Yes i can download it. Thank you very much.