Getting 5 pointers to double branches GetV5 not implemented

Hi there!

I want to get double * pointers to the data stored in some branches in my tree. However, I just discovered that GetV5 is not implemented. I tried making a second call to the Draw method, but the pointer seems to simply be overridden.

        int nevt = tree->Draw("parallax:l:b:pm_l:pm_b","","goff");

        double *parallax = tree->GetV1();
        double *l = tree->GetV2();
        double *b = tree->GetV3();
        double *pm_l = tree->GetV4();
        double *pm_b = tree->GetV5();

I get

/Users/jgalan/work/ExtraGalactic_day3/DoFit.C:18:23: error: no member named 'GetV5' in 'TTree'
        double *pm_b = tree->GetV5();

Any idea how to get the 5th pointer?

Of course I could just copy the contents into another vector then call again to Draw method with different variables. The questions is if there is a way to avoid the copy.

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